Give your agents and distributors professional flash websites with the dpsSite System™

dpsSite System™ v1.1
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Time Saving and Easy to Use
Since the majority of computer users do not program, the dpsSite System™ allows users of all technical expertise to create a professional web site. Each of the steps required to build and maintain the site have been refined to ensure a quick and easy process, allowing your agents to focus on their business, not on programming.

As the needs of your business vary, the dpsSite System™ addresses this by allowing you to customize the sites to the needs of your business. By utilizing a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), agents view exactly how their changes look while they make them.

Platform Compatible
By leveraging the advantages of Macromedia Flash, the dpsSite System™ is compatible with Mac and PC, as well as all major browser types. Regardless of the operating system or browser, agents and visitors alike can view the sites.

With the dpsSite System™, agents can quickly and accurately update all the information on their site at anytime. This allows the company to quickly update all the agentsí sites, regardless of the number of agents instantly, allowing for the dissemination of events or news in a timely fashion.

Controlled Content
In order to ensure that the content on the site conforms to the companies guidelines, the dpsSite System™ gives the company the control to what sections of the site can be edited by their agents. This promotes a level of consistency throughout all the agentsí sites.

Search Engine Compatible
All search engines have a hard time with Macromedia Flash web sites. The dpsSite System™ overcomes this by utilizing a unique technology which allows search engines to spider through all the information on the agentsí sites.

Modular Architecture
As all businesses have different needs, we built the system with a modular architecture allowing for customized modules to conform to the wishes of the company.